Jack Canfield sits down with Andy Raub, whom he calls “America’s Encore Coach,” and discusses how to tackle the two biggest fears of retirement.

Topics that Jack and Andy Cover in The Interview

  • The 2 Biggest Retirement Concerns
  • One Reason People Die Shortly After Retiring
  • How to View Your Past So That Your Future Will Be Fulfilling
  • The 3 Rs to Maximizing Your Past Experiences
  • How the Media is Ignoring an Important Aspect of Retirement
  • How to Organize Your Money to Meet Your Goals
  • The Optimal Time to Begin Creating Retirement Goals

“Jack and I had a great conversation about how retirement is about more than just having a money plan. After guiding many of my clients over the years, I have decided to make my “Encore future” about helping people like you realize that having meaning and significance in retirement along with a solid money plan is truly possible!

People often think of retirement as nirvana–a place of relaxation, without worries or cares. But there are some potential hazards that can be overcome if we know what they are and how to deal with them. But we have only one chance to get it right. I’ve highlighted the top five retirement dangers that have nothing to do with money and everything to do with life and happiness.

This e-book is my gift to you."



Retirement is one life change that almost everyone

looks forward to in one way or another. It is the one

transition that we have some control over in terms of

when it happens and what we want it to look like. For

many of us, retirement seems like a kind of nirvana, a

time when we can finally stop working, put our feet up,

and live on our own terms. For others, it is a dreaded

time when we must stop doing what we love and enter

a big unknown.

I have learned that the retirement experience can

be a lot like my experience at Disney World. I arrived

with a great expectation of sharing perfect leisure

with my loved ones in a perfect environment where

there is never even any trash in the streets. What I

encountered instead was an experience for which I

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