Encore Curve Life Plan Workshop Outline

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Discover how to make your retirement years the most meaningful and significant of your life. Andy takes you through the Encore Curve program at your pace and in the comfort of your home. He also shares personal stories of struggle and triumph that are sure to encourage you. Learn how your past is just your prologue, understand the how, the where, and the why of a future that maximizes your joy, and create an actionable plan to launch your journey into your Encore Future!
Module 1 Introduction: The Significance Problem and Overview  
Unit 1 Workshop Prep and Instructions
Unit 2 Workshop Introduction
Module 2 Biggest Regret  
Unit 1 The Power of Regret
Unit 2 Regret Doesn't Have to Hold You Back
Module 3 Unpacking and Repacking Your Past  
Unit 1 Look at Your Past
Unit 2 Rocks – What Worked?
Unit 3 Rocks – What Didn't Work?
Unit 4 Rocks – Do Over?
Module 4 What is the Encore Curve and How You Will Navigate It  
Unit 1 The GPS and Your Journey
Module 5 Designing Your Encore GPS: Giftedness  
Unit 1 Giftedness: What are Your Strengths? What Drains You?
Unit 2 What Energizes You?
Unit 3 Living Life in the Green Zone
Module 6 Designing Your Encore GPS: Passions  
Unit 1 Passion: What are You Most Passionate About?
Unit 2 Who Has Influenced You?
Unit 3 Who do You Want to Influence?
Unit 4 Review of Progress
Module 7 Designing Your Encore GPS: Standards  
Unit 1 Standards: Intro to Core Beliefs and Habits; Important Ideals
Unit 2 Important Relationships
Unit 3 Important Accomplishments
Unit 4 Dedicate One Year
Unit 5 The Path of Least Resistance
Unit 6 What Habits Can You Eliminate?
Unit 7 Developing New Habits
Unit 8 Identifying the Most Important Change
Unit 9 Wrap Up and Review of Progress
Module 8 GPS Navigator: Discovering Your Critical Combinations  
Unit 1 Gather the Best GPS Elements
Unit 2 Creating Combinations
Unit 3 Dream Big Go for BHAGs
Unit 4 Get Out of the Comfort Zone
Module 9 Developing Your Encore Road Map  
Unit 1 Begin With the End in Mind
Unit 2 Choose the Goals
Unit 3 Steps to the Goal
Unit 4 90 Day Quick Start
Unit 5 Not the End of the Process
Module 10 Conclusion: It’s All About the Journey  
Unit 1 Conclusion