What People Are Saying

“I am glad that there are people like Andy in the world who are bringing peace, abundance, and meaning into our lives. Andy is America’s Encore Coach!”

      – Jack Canfield, America’s number-one success coach and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“In this book, Andy Raub shows how creatively rethinking purpose and money can make retirement into an opportunity to build an exceptional life of growth and opportunity you’ll look forward to waking up to every day.”
      – Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach, Inc.


“The Encore Curve uses faith, optimism, and humor to help you traverse the slippery slope of financial security. It teaches you how to grow old with confidence and peace. Great read.”

     – Suzie Humphreys, independent woman, humorist, and inspirational speaker


“Andy Raub has penned a wise and engaging challenge to those of us facing retirement. The Encore Curve delivers on its promise to provide a reinvigorating life plan and a money plan that will calm your fears.”

    – Dr. Reg Grant, chair and senior professor of media arts and worship at Dallas Theological Seminary


More about the Book

The Encore Curve weaves an entertaining narrative through instructive encouragement and exercises to give you a full picture of how to create your own exciting, Encore Curve retirement. You will learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t create a money plan until you know your life plan.
  • How to know if your life plan makes sense based on the money you have now.
  • How to create a fulfilling future that makes use of the best parts of what you already know and love.
  • Why organizing your money in buckets based on the when and for what it will be used is smarter than trying to time the market.
  • What to do when you aren’t sure what should come next in retirement.


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