Design your Encore Curve Life Plan for your best years yet!

Whether you want to have one-on-one attention, experience the discovery with others, or enjoy a self-paced learning environment, we have a workshop to help you develop and map out your Encore Curve future.

While Andy’s workshops are a great complement to the book, The Encore Curve, they can also stand alone as your first step toward planning for significance in your retirement years. Andy explains the Encore Curve concepts and coaches you through the planning exercises with in-depth examples and relatable stories that will help you key in on just the right Life Plan for you.

In these workshops, you will

  • learn the phases of life and how they affect retirement;
  • unpack and repack your past for greatest benefit;
  • understand the How, the Where, and the Why for a future that will maximize your potential, joy, and significance; and
  • create a custom, actionable plan that will launch your journey.

If you have a significant other, we highly encourage you to create a joint Encore Curve action plan. We offer a discount for couples who participate in our workshops together.

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people in live workshop

Live Workshops

Walk through the discovery of your unique future with America’s Encore Coach. Workshop formats vary from half-day intensive to two-day retreat. You’ll have the benefit of learning from other attendees’ experiences and insight.

online workshop on computer

Online Workshops

Do you prefer to learn at your own pace? Sign up for the Life Plan online workshop. Ten modules walk you through similar content to the live workshop, but in the comfort and convenience of your own home.