What happens when you realize that retirement is about more than just money?

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The Encore Curve

Retirement marks a shift in activity and purpose. It comes after a lifetime of learning and growth. The danger is that this shift point causes many people to spiral into a Decline Phase where their future looks smaller than their past, their zest for life diminishes, and they simply fade into insignificance. 

We only have so much time to get this transition right, and I want to make sure that people avoid wasting their most healthy post-work years searching for an answer that they can have right now.

If you desire to remain significant and impactful, you need a plan that reminds you of who you are, what you have to offer, and where you can make the biggest difference. Only a plan like this will lead you away from the Decline Phase and upward on a path I call the “Encore Curve.” There you will maximize your retirement.

The Encore Curve program will help you discover that life of significance and ways to organize your money so that it can support your best years yet.


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